Backhoe dredgers are used for both maintenance and capital dredging contracts. This way of dredging is in particular convenient for rehabilitation projects in which a minimum of additional water added to the polluted material is a requirement.

Ghent Dredging owns various backhoe dredgers, fitted out with hydraulic diggers, ranging from 10 to up to 125 tonnes with a maximum dredging depth of up to 20m below water level.

Our pontoon GD VI is fitted out with a 125-tonne Liebherr 984. The pontoon itself has 3 different sets of spudlegs of 30, 12 and 8.5 m long. The dipper itself has sticks to cope with dredging depths varying from 8.50m, 11.50m, 15m to a maximum of 20m. The maximum size of the buckets is 8m³.

View our projects with the backhoe here:

Port of Antwerp - Dredging of new quay wall

Ypres Yser Canal - Maintenance dredging work

The Roubaix Canal – Dredging in urban areas and treatment of silt

Seine – Enlargement of a turning basin down Rouen

Canal de Neufossé – Maintenance dredging and reconstruction of a silt dump at St-Omer

Spiere Canal - Maintenance dredging and treatment of silt

Deûle – Canal widening and construction of new banks in Sequedin

Calais - Rehabilitation works of Perré Risban

Calais Port - Soil Protection Pier n°8

Deûle - Bankprotection from Deûlémont to Lille

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