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St-Omer - Canal Neufossé

In 2003 a maintenance dredging contract on the Canal Neufossé between Dunkirk and Valenciennes has been carried out on behalf of our client VNF. Some 110.000m³ has been taken out at the time. Twelve years on, in 2015, within the same area a similar contract has been awarded, this time about 150.000m³ has been taken out. Both times, similar equipment has been used, i.e. a dipper-dredger, tug, dry-well barges and a barge-unloading dredger.
Included in the contract was the (re)-creation of a 25 acres fill area, taking into account additional measures with regard to the existing surrounding environmental areas, such as earthworks, sealing of the fill area, overflows, etc. The discharge of the dredged material was carried out using a closed-water circuit to avoid the loss of material into the canal.

UVDB registered ISO9001 Certified ISO14001 Certified VCA Certified