Soil remediation

Ghent Dredging nv has been involved in dredging, civil engineering and earthworks for almost 40 years.

Since the implementation of new legislation during the 1990's our focus has been more and more diverted to all kinds of environmentally related contracts.

As a result an environmental department has been incorporated in our organization. To existing activities like dewatering and treatment of dredged sludge, new activities like existing and innovative soil-remediating treatment have been added. As a result, these kind of contracts have been carried out in Belgium and the North of France.

Our approach is to find solutions together with stakeholders involved to achieve a result as efficiently as possible, for both private and public clients.

Our experience in soil remediation are in various areas, such as:

  • Pre-remediation demolition

  • Traditional earthworks, both with and without stability-measures (sheet-piling, etc)

  • Treatment of polluted soil within our sludge-treatment centre at GSC Rodenhuize (Ghent)

  • Tankcleaning and removal

  • Dimensioning, installation and maintenance of equipment for pump and treat, dual phase- and air-extracting from soils with various purification units (oil-separation, active-carbon filters, sand filters,etc.)

  • Dimensioning and injecting various products to stimulate the deterioration of soil-pollutants

As a contractor specialised in marine and civil engineering, as well as roadworks, we are as well capable to reinstate and/or redevelop each site.

Having been qualified for ISO 9001 and ISO 140001-certificates, we now have also been qualified for the Achilles Safety, Health and Environmental Care Certificate. This certificate will be required in Standard and complex on-site remediation contracts.

View our soil remediation projects here:

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