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Rouen - Dredging Port of Rouen

End of 2014 Rouen Port Authorities awarded JV Ghent Dredging-Dutch Dredging the contract to enlarge and deepen de turning basin at Hautot-sur-Seine (about 10km downstreams of Rouen). The contract is part of the Port's program to deepen the river Seine from Le Havre towards Rouen with one meter to make the port accessable to larger vessels.

The contract comprises the removal of approx. 800.000m³ of sand, silt, gravel and limestone. The dredged materials are being transported by means of tugs and barges over a distance of 30 km to Yville-sur-Seine. At Yville-sur-Seine a barge-unloading dredger empties the barges and dispose of the materials into various fill areas over a distance of approx. 1km.  


The main features of the project are:

  • 400.000 m³ dredging upto 9 meter below CD with dipper-dredger 'GD VI'
  • 300.000 m³ dredging upto 15 meter below CD with cutter-suction dredger 'Ouistreham'
  • 100.000 m³ maintenance dredging within the existing turning basin using a trailing hopper dredger
  • The above-mentioned quantities are being pumped into previous "ballastières" at Yville-sur-Seine. Surplus process-water is being discharged into the River Seine using a controlled pumping system.
  • Also included in the contract was the removal of a concrete caisson (50,00 x 11,00 x 3,50) and a 550m long sheet pile wall.
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