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Rotterdam - Port of Rotterdam

The Rotterdam Port Autority is carrying out a refurbishment scheme of many of the old City Docks.

Within the Johan Friso Dock a turning bassin has been filled in with sand obtained from two different borrow areas.

Before filling started, (polluted) silt -some 110.000m³- had to be removed.

Filling started using sand from a borrow area at Amazone Dock, sand being spread in 0,50m layers through our barge unloading suction dredger connected up with a spraying-pontoon through a floating pipeline.
After the implementation of approx. 50.000 no. of vertical drains to speed up the settlement of soft sub-strata layers an additional 350.000m³ of coarse sea sand was reclaimed and placed by a trailing suction hopper dredger.  Also included in the contract was the construction of a 670m long waterproofed sheet pile wall using AZ13 and AZ26 sheetpiles, each 22m long.
The new industrial area thus created was completed with a new bank protection.

UVDB registered ISO9001 Certified ISO14001 Certified VCA Certified