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Harelbeke - Gavers

At Harelbeke, County Estate "de Gavers" has been thoroughly renovated with the construction of a new poolhouse, the reinstatement of a diving site, a renewed riverbed for the Gaverbeek watercourse, a new reception building and a brand new watersports building.

Ghent Dredging has been involved in all of these activities in various phases of the contract. Our part in the upgrading included:

  • Construction of timber jetties
  • Construction of floating jetties, fixed with tubular piles
  • Construction of azobé hardwood surfacing along the watersports building
  • Construction of concrete access roads, concrete surfacing at the cafeteria, food paths, petanque playing fields and a beach volley pitch
  • Construction of a slipway, incl. a black-top access road
  • Construction of a complete new sewage-system
  • Construction of a public utilities infrastructure for water, gas, electricity, telephone/data, glasfiber over a distance of approx. 800 meters
  • Construction of a cobbled walkway
  • Earthworks with the infill of a part of Gavermeer Lake
  • Horticultury works

As far as 2004 Ghent Dredging started works at Gavers with the construction of a restricted swimming area, consisting of a sheet-pile wall and a concrete floor. On top of the sheet-piles a steel construction has been jointed to serve as a support of the timber bridge around the swimming area.

UVDB registered ISO9001 Certified ISO14001 Certified VCA Certified