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Hamme - Lippenbroek

Hamme-Lippenbroek has been transformed into the world´s first Controled Reduced Tidal Zone.  The system has been developped by the Flemish Authority to answer today´s challenges to prevent large-scale floodings in the River Scheldt catchment area.  The purpose of this 25 acre overflow area is to reduce extreme high water levels in the River Scheldt during excessive flood tides in allowing this area´s lowered river embankment to be overtopped.  As soon as river water levels go down and back to normal levels the zone will drain itself.  At the same time this allows the Environmental Agency to create valuable biotopes.  This second objective was to create a nature reserve.  To achieve this, a lock has been incorporated in the existing river bank, which allows the creation of an artificial tidal zone with muddy wetlands.
Hamme-Lippenbroek proves both objectives viable.

Ghent Dredging was involved in the construction of the ring-shaped bund for which over 160.000m³ of soil has been moved as well as the construction of the sheet-piled foundationed concrete lock.

UVDB registered ISO9001 Certified ISO14001 Certified VCA Certified