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Hamme - Durme

Early 2012 maintenance dredging of the river Durme started for client Waterwegen and Zeekanaal. The purpose of the contract was twofold:  

a. To enlarge the cross-sectional area of the river and by doing that to reinstate its discharge capacity.

b. To create 3 stockpile-areas with sand for future use in ringdikes of inundation areas to be build along the banks of the River Durme.

A quantity of approx. 400.000m³ was extracted from the riverbed . The dredging was being carried out by our CSD Ouistreham. The sand was being transported through a floating and a land-based pipeline over a distance of up to 2.500m in the stockpiles called Bunt, Klein Broek and Groot Broek.

After the construction of the bunds of each fill area dredging effectively started in June 2012.  The intention was to complete the 3.500m strectch of dredging in mid 2013.  The end of the area to be dredged was approx. 500m upstreams of the historical Mira-bridge at Waasmunster.

The silt has been dryed by actively lagooning and has been disposed off at a later stage to an allocated depot.

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