GSC Rodenhuize

A milestone in the company's history is the operational start-up of our soil-remediation centre in the Ghent Seaport area. Ghent Dredging has ultimately reached the vertical in-house integration of the entire process, starting from excavation, i.e. dredging and finally ending up with a finished product (treated material), enabling the company to control the whole process. On request of our clients we are able to carry out dredging, handling the spoils in our remediation centre and re-use the treated materials as secondary, upgraded building material in both civil and roadworks.

The centre for sludge- and soiltreatment GSC Rodenhuize has an overall surface of 5,5ha and includes five lagoons with a net area of 35,000sqm. The centre has a capacity of about 100,000 cubic meters of sludge and soil a year. The delivered sludge is first dewatered and then, if necessary, biologically treated and/or manipulated in another way.

The centre has its own screening and stabilizing facility. This allows us both to separate the rock- and non-rock fraction from the soil. The sludge or soil can be structurally improved by treatment with lime or cement.

The soil and sludge treatment centre is licensed as "Temporary Storage" and "Soil Treatment centre.". This allows us to accept and process sludge and soil from our own sites as well as from sites of third parties. Soils contaminated with biodegradable organic pollutants are biologically treated. Lots that require other types of treatment or remediation are temporarily stored to be transferred to other treatment centres.

All our submitted procedures and techniques as well as the used materials are under the strict control of our own soilmanagers and in close participation with external organizations like Grondbank and OVAM.  All activities proceed according to the Flemish law VLAREBO

The treatment centre is located at Rodenhuizedok along the Canal Ghent-Terneuzen and has its own dock. In this way, sludge and soil can be easily handled by ship.

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