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Cutter Suction Dredger

Ghent Dredging employs a cutter suction dredger, mounted with a ladder-fixed underwater dredging pump, enabling it to dredge upto 20m, discharging through a 500mm floating and fixed pipeline.  A boosterstation is being employed to increase pumping range if necessary.

  • Length over all 36,70m
  • Breadth over all 10,10m
  • Draught 1,90m
  • Diameter discharge pipe 500mm
  • Dredge depth with ladder angle 40° 20,00m
  • Cutter power 250kW / 340pk
  • Power main engine at 1600 rpm 1119kW / 1501pk
  • Power second engine at 1800 rpm 447kW / 608pk
  • Power Gen Set at 1500 rpm 65KVA
UVDB registered ISO9001 Certified ISO14001 Certified VCA Certified