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Calais - Calais Port Pier n°8

During autumn 2010 the scour-protection at Pier n°8 has been refurbished as preparation for the arrival of the latest generation of super-ferries.


The existing protection had to be removed (and dumped at high tide on the beach to be recovered at low tide) and the surrounding area deepened. Upon completion of the dredging operation the new rock armour scour-protection was placed.
Work has been carried out within a tidal window of approx. 7m, resulting at high tide in a working depth of 18m below waterlevel.


To allow for a reduced layer of rock armour, stones with an extreme high density of 3,15 t/m3 have been used. Due to its high density this rock armour cannot be found in local quarries and had to be imported from a quarry in the Vendée-area in France and transshipped through the port of Sables d'Olonne. A total quantity of 14.000 tonnes has been used to achieve the required result.

UVDB registered ISO9001 Certified ISO14001 Certified VCA Certified