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Bruges - Ghent-Ostend Canal

Between 2001 and 2005 a quantity of 1.077.000m³ has been dredged, transported by barges and pumped into spoilareas.

Although being a maintenance dredging contract it also included straightening out a bend in the canal at Beernem, inclusive of bank protection works to the newly-formed embankments.
Between Aalter and Beernem as well as at Bruges war ammunition was found during the dredging operation.  To cope with this particular problem the dredged material was separated from the ammunition by use of screening.  Dredged material was washed through the screen, whereas the ammunition remained behind on top of the screen to be disposed of.
At Bruges it took us 3 months to finish this part, while the other location lasted 6 months.

Among the war ammunition removed we found hand grenades, air bombs, obusses and devices containing lethal gasses.

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