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Antwerpen - Graan dock

Early 2012 the Graan Dock was closed of, using a steel combi-wall.  The area behind was filled in with spoiled sand. The purpose of the project was to create new dock areas to replace the old delapidated dock.
The dredging and filling part of the contract was carried out by Ghent Dredging as a subcontractor to maincontractor Besix nv.

The dredging operation comprised of the removal of a layer of polluted silt from the old dock and the disposal of it in our lagoon at Ghent, as well as dredging non-polluted material to be re-used in underwater areas at the Churchilldock in Antwerp.

In advance of the piling of the combi-wall, a soil-improvement with sand was carried out . To carry out this soil-improvement, the area was dredged upto 18m below waterlevel.

After construction of the combi-wall by the main-contractor the old Graan Dock was hydraulicly filled in layers of 30cm with required specified sand.

This sand was hauled from an existing stockpile by dumptrucks.  Using a temporary bridge the lorries dumped the sand into barges.  With the deployment of our barge-unloading Rhosnes a mixture of sand and water was pumped through a 400m long floating pipeline to a spraying pontoon. With the help of a RTK-positioning system sand was sprayed in 30cm layers.
To meet the stringent compaction requirements the whole area was compacted using a heavy compaction device.
To fill the entire area a total quantity of 160.000m³ was used.

UVDB registered ISO9001 Certified ISO14001 Certified VCA Certified