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Antwerp - Dredging of new quay wall

A new quay wall was built at the B2 Canal dock in Antwerp by order of the Antwerp Port Authority. The more than 800 meter long quay wall is one of the heaviest in Belgium and is suitable for a water depth of up to 17 meters. The new quay wall ensures that larger and deeper ships can from now on moor.

Ghent Dredging dredged the zone between the old and the new quay wall, and the zone in front of the old quay wall, to a depth of -12.5m TAW. The Company Aertssen, our partner in the Temporary Trading Company, took care of the dry earthwork between the old and the new quay wall. Over the entire length of the quay wall, this meant a dredged volume of no less than 1.4 million cubic meters. At the same time, the old quay wall was also demolished step by step.

The work had to be completed in a record time of 30 weeks and that was also successfully completed. Ghent Dredging used its cutter suction dredger “Ouistreham” and its two largest dredging pontoons GDVI and GDVII for this purpose. At the height of the yard, 20 barges were at work to transport all the dredged land to the various destinations.Dredging

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